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More About FunBots

We are Praveen and Robert and we are super excited about technology.  We have a combined 30+ years of experience in electrical and software engineering, working for companies like Google, Cisco, and Siemens.

More importantly, we are both fathers who want to inspire our kids from an early age to dream big, to explore their curiosities, to be not only technology consumers but creators too. We know most of their beliefs are formed in their early years and these beliefs will shape their lives.


Our kids really like building and tinkering with different fun robotics projects and they inspired us to create FunBots! It is our joy to make these experiences available to all kids in a fun and friendly environment. We love to see the excitement on the kids’ faces when their projects come to life!

Our mission is to inspire children to develop a love of learning, building, and experimenting from an early age through fun robotics projects. We empower kids to follow their natural curiosities and learn through the fun projects we have designed for them.


At FunBots, we are committed to inspiring the next wave of doers, dreamers, and thinkers to make our world a better place. 

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